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Lighthouse Recruiters

The online marketing landscape is ever-changing, but so too, is the level of talent that it takes to get the most out of your digital marketing efforts. A well-rounded marketing team will have a profound impact on revenue, which is why it is essential to go find, and then hire the very best.

Lighthouse Recruiters will collaborate with you to identify your company’s needs, and then go find the leaders with the skills and experience to lead your business into the future.

Lighthouse Recruiters is part of the 9th largest recruiting firm in the country and specializes in targeted searches for senior level marketing executives, digital marketing and e-commerce professionals for consumer centric brands.

The majority of the candidates in our database are not searching job boards for what’s next, but instead, rely on us to make them aware of unique opportunities to advance their careers.

Our “Golden Rule” of Recruiting

We will never send a candidate to a client who doesn’t meet all 3 of the following criteria


Must meet 90% or higher of the skills a client specifies


Must be willing to work within the salary range the client specifies


Candidate must be motivated by something other than the money

What makes us different?

We have identified 150 top brands in the U.S. From there, we research the talent at each of those companies and add the ‘best of the best’ to our database, understanding that skillset and personality are important, but passion, enthusiasm and ambition are the intangibles that are going to add value and have an immediate impact on your organization.

Our Process

Throughout the interview process, we provide honest feedback and coaching. It’s our belief that the more transparent the hiring process is on BOTH sides, the more successful and stickier the outcome.

During the acceptance phase, we work closely with you on the consultation and negotiation of all elements surrounding the employment offer. This is a stressful time for a lot of candidates, so we try to make for a smooth and seamless hiring transition. The next step might be where we add the most value.

Once a quarter for the first year, we follow up with the new employee to gauge how they are progressing. We have found that providing you with unbiased feedback, not only improves the individuals work performance, but also helps build trusting relationships and higher employee retention.

If your company is looking to spend less time finding quality, qualified candidates, or a STAR candidate looking for your next opportunity, set up a time to talk using the calendar link below. I look forward to helping you achieve your goals!