Lighthouse Recruiting is part of the Sanford Rose network and is ranked Top 20 of America’s best recruiting search firms by Forbes, specializing in talent search for e-Commerce and digital marketing positions at consumer centric brands.

We have 25 years of experience working with brands to create a connection with their customer, but the shift to e-commerce has put enormous pressure on the marketing team to keep pace with the competition.

Our mission is to add value to your organization by finding the specific talent needed for you to create the ultimate omnichannel experience for your target consumer.


Joe Ames

Managing Partner

Joe Ames has 30 years of customer acquisition experience. As Vice President of Sales for a global apparel brand, Joe built an excellent reputation as a business consultant that understood the go-to-market shift that was forcing companies to re-evaluate their e-Commerce strategy.

Joe prides himself on being not only an executive recruiter focused on engaging talent, but also as an industry expert dedicated to client objectives and continuous growth. He continually seeks to help businesses grow and flourish in the everchanging world of e-Commerce and Digital Marketing.